About us

VCV & Associates is a dedicated team providing comprehensive tax advice to individuals and businesses. With vast experience, we minimize tax liabilities, focusing on tax planning, compliance, and dispute resolution to help clients achieve financial goals effectively.

Being a leading accounting firm, we value accurate financial reporting and strategic planning for business success. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer top-notch accounting and financial services. Our experienced professionals deliver tailored solutions for clients' unique needs.

Corporate Overview

  • Firm has an experience of more than 10 years in the bbanking & Finance sector.His aras of expertise are Accounts,Finance, project Financing,Credit Appraisal,Auditing and Taxation.The firm was previously conducted statutary and concurrent audits in financial sectors as
  • A statutory audits in government auf=dits,banking audits and other audits in public and private sectors.
  • Firm has good exuberance in internal audits,Concurrent audits,Revenue audits,and stock audits.
  • Firm has an experience of more than 10 years in the audits & direct and indirect tax.His areas of expertise are accounts,auditing and taxation and.The firm was previously conducted statutory and internal audits in service,manufacturing and trading sectors.
  • Firm has an experience of more than 10 years in the counsulting works various companies in accounting,taxation in GST and income tax,and statutory compliances.
  • Firm has good experience tax related works like doing tax audits and filing of IT returns for residents and NRI,filing of roc returns,filing of GST returns monthly,quarterly and annual returns
  • Firm good experience in physical verification of stock and physical verification of fixed assets.

B. Com, F.C.A.

More than 35 years of diverse industries experience in all areas of Banking industry, Fundings and more than 8 years Audit, Statutory of Banks and Concurrent audits of banks, stock audits of Banks, Revenue Audits of Banks, Due Diligence, Taxation (Direct and Indirect), Company Law Matters for both domestic and foreign companies, Management Consultancy.

Well geared to take up any professional assignments in the above areas. It has association with firms of Chartered Accountants, Management Consultants, Company Secretaries and IT Professionals etc.

Work with clientele includes companies (large and medium sized), firms, banks, trusts, societies, charitable and educational institutions besides few renowned individuals.

The Core Team

The core team of the firm comprises of Chartered Accountants and banking professionals having diverse experience ranging from taxation, audit, business consultancy, information technology, corporate laws and financing. The profile of the partners of the firm is as follows:

Venkata Char V
B. Com, F.C.A, DISA.FAFD, Concurrent audit.

He is in the practice for the past 10 years beginning by setting up own practice and building it up.

Atifa Shaheen
B. Com, F.C.A.

More than 15 years of diverse industries experience in all areas of Audit, Investigation, Due Diligence, Taxation

What services does VCV & Associates offer?

Services Offered: VCV & Associates provides comprehensive tax advice, focusing on tax planning, compliance, and dispute resolution for individuals and businesses.

How does VCV & Associates minimize tax liabilities for individuals and businesses?

Tax Liability Minimization: VCV & Associates minimizes tax liabilities through strategic tax planning, compliance adherence, and efficient dispute resolution strategies.

What are the areas of expertise of the firm, including auditing and taxation?

Areas of Expertise: The firm specializes in accounting, auditing, taxation, project financing, credit appraisal, and statutory audits in various sectors including government, banking, and private industries.

Who are the key members of the core team at VCV & Associates and what experience do they bring?

Core Team: The core team consists of experienced Chartered Accountants and banking professionals with expertise in taxation, audit, due diligence, and corporate laws, ensuring top-notch services for clients.